NSN 5950-00-321-8023

Rf Coil

About this product

0.018 microhenries single component single winding inductance rating, solid single component coil form type, s0lid single component core construction, inclosure type: fully enclosed.

Manufacturer part number 8818000002-4 for national stock number 5950003218023.


  • Product description

    Radio Frequency Coil NSN 5950-00-321-8023.

  • MPN or Model


  • Schedule B
    8504.50.0000 (Inductors, nesoi)
  • NMF (National Motor Freight)
    063420 - Transformers, NOI, Or Transformer Par
  • Reliability Indicator
    Not established
  • Inductance Rating
    0.018 microhenries single component single winding
  • Coil Form Type
    Solid single component
  • Core Construction
    S0lid single component
  • Body Length
    0.210 inches
  • Body Width
    0.110 inches
  • Body Height
    0.230 inches
  • Maximum Operating Temp
    125.0 degrees celsius
  • Distance Between Mounting Facility Centers
    0.100 inches single mounting facility single center group
  • Inclosure Type
    Fully enclosed
  • Mounting Method
    Terminal single group
  • Rating Method
    Electrical single component single winding
  • Features Provided
    Tinned wire leads
  • Winding Operating Current
    3.0 amperes dc single component single winding
  • Dc Resistance Rating In Ohms
    0.020 single component single winding
  • Quality Factor
    60 single component single winding
  • Terminal Type And Quantity
    2 wire lead
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Radio Frequency Coil

An item consisting of a partial turn as one or more turns of wire or other conductive material which constitutes one continuous untapped winding. It may be wound or formed in other than a circular manner and may be self-supporting, requiring no coil form. It is specifically designed to furnish inductive reactance in a circuit carrying radio frequency current ranging from 20 kilohertz (kilocycles) and above. It may include tuning devices, integral resistors and capacitors; however, excludes filter (as modified). The coil has only two electrical terminals. For items having tapped winding or more than one winding - see transformer, radio frequency. For coils wound on resistors, which are designed to be inserted in the circuit of a radio frequency stage to suppress high frequency parasitic oscillations, see suppressor, parasitic.

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NSN 5950003218023

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Manufacturer Part Numbers and Alternates
MPN manufacturer part number Registrant or Supplier
8818000002-4 Navcom Defense Electronics, Inc.
240-0885-040 Rockwell Collins, Inc.
9104 Vanguard Electronics Company
100070 Bell Industries Inc
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