NSN 5935-00-073-8885

Coaxial Connector Retainer

About this product

40 single mounting facility thready qty per inch (tpi), steel material, qq-s-637, comp b1113 federal specification single material response material specification, surface treatment: cadmium.

Manufacturer part number VA-07-0388 for national stock number 5935000738885.


  • Product description

    Electrical Connector Retainer NSN 5935-00-073-8885.

  • MPN or Model


  • Schedule B
    8538.90.7080 (Parts suitable for use solely or principally with the apparatus for heading 8535, 8536, 8537, nesoi)
  • NMF (National Motor Freight)
    061680 - Elec Wiring Plugs Etc
  • Unit Weight (Est.)
    0.1 lb
  • Thread Class
    2a single mounting facility
  • Overall Length
    0.656 inches
  • Overall Height
    0.188 inches
  • Overall Width
    0.344 inches
  • Mounting Facility Type And Quantity
    1 screw single mounting facility
  • Thready Qty Per Inch (tpi)
    40 single mounting facility
  • Thread Size
    0.112 inches single mounting facility
  • Material
  • Material Specification
    Qq-s-637, comp b1113 federal specification single material response
  • Surface Treatment
  • Surface Treatment Specification
    Qq-p-416, type 2, cl 2 federal specification single treatment response
  • Style Designator
  • Thread Series Designator
    Unc single mounting facility
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Electrical Connector Retainer

An item specifically designed to restrain the movement of an electrical connector, when the latter is mounted in another item. Includes clamps, clips, and similar restraining devices specifically designed for this function. Excludes clip, electrical and clamp, loop.

Mechanic Bill explains Coaxial Connector Retainer

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NSN 5935000738885

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Manufacturer Part Numbers and Alternates
MPN manufacturer part number Registrant or Supplier
VA-07-0388 Leonardo Mw Ltd
GC837G3 Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation
D20420-12 Anfrank Metal Fabrication Industries
D20420 Fct-electronic Gmbh
D20420-12 Itt Cannon Gmbh
0045319283 Mtu Friedrichshafen Gmbh
D20420-12 Itt Industries Limited Itt Cannon
VA-07-0388-010 Leonardo Mw Ltd
D20420-12 Itt Corporation
811FI0015 Finmeccanica Spa
G243419-4 Lucent Technologies Inc
1JC4837H05 Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation
600058P7 Bae Systems Information And
8213510-6 Us Army Ardec Rdecom
10051537-3 U S Army Aviation And Missile
9115C0041-4 Bae Systems Information And
5054857-3 Signals Warfare Project Manager
8630-02 Souriau Inc
5305000738885 E.c.a Etablissement
9115C0041-4 Lockheed Corp
Stock Check
Availability for this item was last checked on 11/11/22. The quantities and conditions available at the time were:
  • NE: 493
  • NS: 150
  • AR: 1
  • SV: 2