NSN 5935-00-149-3483

Electrical Connector

About this product

W/4 mtg holes.

Manufacturer part number 357-9003-00 for national stock number 5935001493483.


  • Product description

    Electrical Receptacle Connector NSN 5935-00-149-3483.

  • MPN or Model


  • Schedule B
    8538.90.7080 (Parts suitable for use solely or principally with the apparatus for heading 8535, 8536, 8537, nesoi)
  • NMF (National Motor Freight)
    061680 - Elec Wiring Plugs Etc
  • Thread Class
  • Thread Direction
  • Overall Length
    1.000 inches
  • Overall Height
    0.857 inches
  • Overall Width
    1.000 inches
  • Unthreaded Mounting Hole Diameter
    0.212 inches
  • Distance Between Mounting Facility Centers
    0.718 inches
  • Threaded Device Type
    Back shell
  • Mating End Quantity
  • Connector Locking Method
    Internally threaded shell
  • Connector Cable Strain Relief Method
    Cable clamp
  • Radio Frequency Type Contact Characteristic Impedance In Ohms
    50.0 single mating end single contact grouping
  • Thready Qty Per Inch (tpi)
  • Thread Size
    0.625 inches
  • Insert Material
    Plastic single mating end
  • Shell Material
    Copper alloy
  • Included Contact Quantity
    1 single mating end single contact grouping
  • Included Contact Type
    Coaxial socket single mating end single contact grouping
  • Thread Series Designator
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Electrical Receptacle Connector

An electrical fitting with electrical contacts constructed to be affixed to the end of a cable, conduit, coaxial line, cord, wire (includes printed/etched), printed wiring board, or the like for convenience in joining with another electrical connector(s) or printed wiring board. It is designed to be mounted on a bulkhead, chassis, panel, wall, printed wiring board, or the like. Excludes lampholder; jack, telephone; jack, tip; insert electrical connector; insert module, electrical connector; connector body (as modified) and socket, plug-in electronic components. See also wiring harness (as modified) and cable assembly (as modified). For items with termination wires of more than four inches in length, see lead assembly, electrical. For items without inserts, see shell, electrical connector.

Mechanic Bill explains Electrical Connector

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NSN 5935001493483

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Manufacturer Part Numbers and Alternates
MPN manufacturer part number Registrant or Supplier
357-9003-00 Rockwell Collins, Inc.
7225 Amphenol Corporation
319-3101-1183779LINE108SH2 Naval Ship Systems Command
319-6700-1184047PC28 Naval Ship Systems Command
UG58AU Naval Ship Systems Command
25238 Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation
RE49F559 Department Of The Navy
UG58AU Joint Electronics Type Designation
1250-0056 Br Communications Inc
S276-1030P2 Raytheon Company
W41250-E6001-A4 Airbus Defence And Space
CEA071-50 Huber + Suhner Gmbh
CEA071-50 Huber And Suhner Ltd
301-031 Plath Gmbh
4-05506.0022//N Leonardo S.p.a. A Security &
UG58AU Itt Corporation
82-97 Amphenol Corporation
357-9003-00 Rockwell Collins, Inc.
357-9003-000 Rockwell Collins, Inc.
UG-58A/U Amphenol Corporation
UG-58A/U Winchester Electronics Corporation
CEA071-50 Suhner Otto Ag
4610015635 Thales Electronic Systems Gmbh
CEA071-50 Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace Asavd
4118810-001 Raytheon Company
8176238 U S Army Aviation And Missile
4118810-001 Raytheon Company
UG58AU Military Specifications
10085 Eaton Corp
4-05506.0022//N Marconi Mobile Spa Ex Elmer Spa
IPC7225 Amphenol Corporation
3368-108PC28 Electric Boat Corporation
3395-02LINE108SH2 Electric Boat Corporation
S276-1030P2 Raytheon Company
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