NSN 5975-00-357-0974

Flat Cover Junction Enclosure

About this product

O ring furnished.

Manufacturer part number M24142-4-001 for national stock number 5975003570974.

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  • Product description

    Junction Box NSN 5975-00-357-0974.

  • MPN or Model


  • Schedule B
    8536.90.8030 (Electrical junction boxes, for a voltage not exceeding 1, 000 v)
  • NMF (National Motor Freight)
    063160 - Switch Boxes/elec Enclosures
  • Unit Weight (Est.)
    4 lb
  • Overall Length
    8.938 inches
  • Overall Height
    4.812 inches
  • Overall Width
    5.875 inches
  • First Center To Center Distance Between Mounting Holes
    6.000 inches
  • Second Center To Center Distance Between Mounting Holes
    5.250 inches
  • Inside Width
    4.000 inches
  • Inside Length
    7.000 inches
  • Environmental Protection
  • Cover Mounting Hole Quantity
  • Inside Depth
    4.500 inches
  • Mounting Feet Thickness
    0.062 inches
  • Cover Type
  • Material
    Copper alloy 230 cover or copper alloy 240 cover or copper alloy 260 cover or copper alloy 268 cover or copper alloy 342 cover or copper alloy 353 cover
  • Material Specification
    Qq-b-613 federal specification all material responses cover
  • Style Designator
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Junction Box

An enclosure of other than cast metal designed to house, mount, and protect, but does not include wiring connections or electrical device(s) such as terminals and/or terminal boards, switches, jacks, fuseholders, connectors, circuit breakers and the like. It is designed for and may include a cover and such accessories as mounting hardware, brackets, locks, clamps, mounts and conduit fittings. Excludes conduit outlet; and chamber, cable terminal. For boxes which include electrical device(s) such as terminals and/or terminal boards, switches, fuseholders, jacks, connectors, circuit breakers and the like, or combinations thereof, see switch box; fuze box; jack box; terminal box; circuit breaker box; and distribution box. For boxes wired to provide the interconnecting facilities for a specific major group of electronic items outside of the box, see interconnecting box. See also interconnecting cabinet.

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NSN 5975003570974

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Manufacturer Part Numbers and Alternates
MPN manufacturer part number Registrant or Supplier
M24142-4-001 Military Specifications
MILJ24142-4 Military Specifications
5288749-2 Naval Sea Systems Command
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