NSN 5975-01-549-7992

Teletypewriter Rack

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Dual swivel bracket assembly part name assigned by controlling agency, .

Manufacturer part number 104A0156 for national stock number 5975015497992.


  • Product description

    Electrical Equipment Rack NSN 5975-01-549-7992.

  • MPN or Model


  • Schedule B
    8543.90.9000 (Electrical machines and apparatus parts, nesoi)
  • Unit Weight (Est.)
    24 lb
  • End Application
    Stryker, fov
  • Part Name Assigned By Controlling Agency
    Dual swivel bracket assembly
Electrical Equipment Rack

An open or inclosed frame structure designed to accommodate (but does not include) electrical/electronic equipment mounted on standard width panels so that the equipment may be operated after installation without being removed. It must have panel mounting rails that provide a uniform pattern of mounting holes that will accommodate various combinations of standard width panels. It may include wires, cables, terminal boards, connectors, and the like, required for equipment operation. See also mounting base, electrical equipment; cabinet, electrical equipment; and case (2) (as modified). Excludes main distributing frame, telephone and intermediate distributing frame, telephone.

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NSN 5975015497992

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104A0156 Mil-mar Century Corporation
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