NSN 5940-00-220-3820

Voltage Assembly Base Plate

About this product

2.5 dielectric withstanding voltage in volts, solid construction board construction, 1.936 inches boardlength, boardwidth: 0.938 inches.

Manufacturer part number MS27212-2-2 for national stock number 5940002203820.

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  • Product description

    Terminal Board NSN 5940-00-220-3820.

  • MPN or Model


  • Schedule B
    8536.90.8085 (Electrical apparatus for switching or protecting electrical circuits, or for making connection to/ in electrical circuits, for a voltage lt=1000v, nesoi)
  • NMF (National Motor Freight)
    061260 - Cable Terminals/boxes/housings Etc
  • Mounting Hole Diameter
    0.115 inches
  • Dielectric Withstanding Voltage In Volts
  • Center To Center Distance Between Terminals
    0.750 inches
  • Board Construction
    Solid construction
  • Center To Center Distance Between Mounting Facilities Parallel To Length
    0.750 inches
  • Distance From Bottom Edge Of Terminal Board To Center Of Mounting Hole
    0.469 inches
  • Distance From Left Edge Of Terminal Board To Center Of First Mounting Facility
    0.218 inches
  • Boardlength
    1.936 inches
  • Boardwidth
    0.938 inches
  • Boardheight
    1.079 inches
  • Board Height Excluding Terminals
    0.789 inches
  • Base Thickness
    0.328 inches
  • Mounting Facility Type And Quantity
    3 unthreaded hole
  • Nonfeedthru Terminal Type
    597 single
  • Nonfeedthru Terminal Quantity
    2 single
  • Terminal Pattern Arrangement
    Single row
  • Terminal Design
  • Material
    Plastic diallyl phthalate board and glass fiber board
  • Material Specification
    Mil-p-19833, type gdi-30f military specification single material response board
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Terminal Board

An item consisting of insulating material, which is specifically designed to have fastened thereon, or on which are fastened terminal(s), such as screws, solder lugs, solder studs, solderless connectors, clips, and the like. It is usually used for junctions or terminations of wire or cable assemblies. It does not include items as defined above with parts, such as resistors and capacitors mounted thereon. Do not use if a more specific name exists, such as fuseholder; holder, resistor; fanning strip; contact assembly, electrical; jack assembly, tip; chamber, cable terminal; panel (2) (as modified); connector (as modified). Excludes terminal, stud; terminal, feedthru, insulated; post, binding, electrical; and chassis, electrical-electronic equipment. For items having printed electrical conductor paths, see printed wiring board.

Mechanic Bill explains Voltage Assembly Base Plate

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NSN 5940002203820

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Manufacturer Part Numbers and Alternates
MPN manufacturer part number Registrant or Supplier
MS27212-2-2 Military Standards
HS20C10-2 Arvan, Inc.
5M7-10-2 Boeing Company, The
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Availability for this item was last checked on 06/21/23. The quantities and conditions available at the time were:
  • NS: 20
  • NE: 68
  • AR: 1