NSN 5940-01-024-1254

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About this product

20 awg maximum conductor size accommodated, insulating sleeve electrical insulation feature, ring mounting method style, identification code color: red.

Manufacturer part number AS7928 for national stock number 5940010241254.


  • Product description

    Lug Terminal NSN 5940-01-024-1254.

  • MPN or Model


  • Schedule B
    8536.90.4000 (Terminals, electrical splices and electrical couplings; wafer probers with a voltage not exceeding 1000 volts)
  • NMF (National Motor Freight)
    061680 - Elec Wiring Plugs Etc
  • Overall Length
    1.366 inches
  • Overall Width
    0.530 inches
  • Material Thickness
    0.033 inches
  • Maximum Conductor Size Accommodated
    20 awg
  • Electrical Insulation Feature
    Insulating sleeve
  • Mounting Method Style
  • Mounting Hole Diameter
    0.392 inches
  • Mounting Tongue Width
    0.530 inches
  • Mounting Facility Thickness
    0.033 inches
  • Identification Code Color
  • Basic Shape Style
  • Conductor Accommodation Type
    Recessed barrel single end
  • Material
    Plastic insulation
  • Surface Treatment
    Tin except insulation single layer
  • Surface Treatment Specification
    Mil-t-10727 military specification single treatment response except insulation single layer
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Lug Terminal

A terminal designed to be affixed, usually at one end, to a post, stud, chassis, or the like for mounting. it has provisions for attachment of wire(s) or similar electrical conductor(s) in order to establish an electrical connection and could require the use of tool(s) for attachment of wire. for post like terminals, see terminal stud. excludes clip, electrical; terminal, quick disconnect and terminal feedthru.

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NSN 5940010241254

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Manufacturer Part Numbers and Alternates
MPN manufacturer part number Registrant or Supplier
AS7928 Society Of Automotive Engineers Inc
M7928/1-27 Society Of Automotive Engineers Inc
R71009N Electro-term Inc.
R71009 Electro-term Inc.
2-320573-2 Pacific Grinding Wheel Co Inc
MIL-T-7928/1 Military Specifications
M7928-1-27 Military Specifications
AS7928 Sae International
M7928/1-27 Sae International
Stock Check
Availability for this item was last checked on 11/20/23. The quantities and conditions available at the time were:
  • NE: 1272
  • NS: 4789
  • AR: 75
  • SV: 1