NSN 4920-01-127-4639

Compression Master Gage

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C/o a bullet nose pilot with a hollow inside dia. That is open at one end to fit over the outside dia. Of the gearshaft spline. The outside dia is slightly larger than the gearshaft to guide seal 899353-1 into position for replacement, mfg name - seal, guide replacement.

Manufacturer part number 296421-1 for national stock number 4920011274639.

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  • Product description

    Aircraft Fuel System Components Fixture NSN 4920-01-127-4639.

  • MPN or Model


  • Schedule B
    8466.20.8040 (Jigs and fixtures, nesoi, for machine tools)
  • NMF (National Motor Freight)
    051080 - Faucets, Bibcocks, Gates Valves
  • Unit Weight (Est.)
    40 lb
  • End Application
    Gtcp36-50 apu, a10 aircraft age.
  • Nominalheight
    2.200 inches
  • Nominaldiameter
    0.356 inches
  • Functional Description
    Guide will be positioned over splines of gearshaft to guide and prevent damage to seals during installation of the seal
  • Reference Data And Literature
    Agerd 0041-500
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Aircraft Fuel System Components Fixture

A fixture designed to hold/position fuel system components/subassemblies to facilitate inspection, maintenance, repair, testing and/or replacement.

Mechanic Bill explains Compression Master Gage

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NSN 4920011274639

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Manufacturer Part Numbers and Alternates
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296421-1 Honeywell International Inc.
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