NSN 5945-00-001-7532

Time Delay Relay

About this product

Hermetic environmental protection, 400.0 frequency in hertz, 825.0 ohms single winding winding dc resistance rating, duty type: continuous.

Manufacturer part number 334920-1 for national stock number 5945000017532.


  • Product description

    Electromagnetic Relay NSN 5945-00-001-7532.

  • MPN or Model


  • Schedule B
    8536.49.0050 (Relays, electromechanical, with contacts rated at less than 10 a, for a voltage exceeding 60 v but not exceeding 1000 v)
  • NMF (National Motor Freight)
    061300 - Circuit Breaker/switch NOI
  • Overall Length
    1.180 inches
  • Center To Center Distance Between Mounting Facilities Parallel To Length
    1.000 inches single mounting facility
  • Center To Center Distance Between Mounting Facilities Parallel To Width
    0.125 inches single mounting facility
  • Overall Height
    0.400 inches
  • Overall Width
    0.906 inches
  • Environmental Protection
  • Unthreaded Mounting Hole Diameter
    0.096 inches single mounting facility
  • Frequency In Hertz
  • Winding Quantity
  • Coil Quantity
  • Winding Dc Resistance Rating
    825.0 ohms single winding
  • Duty Type
  • Mounting Facility Type And Quantity
    4 unthreaded hole single mounting facility
  • Mounting Facility Pattern
    Rectangular single mounting facility
  • Nonpile-up Main Contact Arrangement
    2 pole, double throw, one position momentary
  • Operating Voltage Rating And Type At Specificationified Temp
    26.5 volts dc 25 degrees celsius single winding
  • Main Contact Load Current Rating At Maximum Rated Voltage
    1.0 amperes ac resistive load and 2.0 amperes dc resistive load
  • Main Contact Maximum Voltage Rating In Volts
    115.0 ac and 28.0 dc
  • Terminal Type And Quantity
    8 pin all functions
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Electromagnetic Relay

A relay which is actuated by the effect of a magnetic field developed by the current in its energizing coil(s). Includes solenoid and armature types. Excludes contactor, magnetic; relay, meter movement; relay, motor driven; relay, reed; relay, resonant reed; relay, rotary; and switch, stepping.

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NSN 5945000017532

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Manufacturer Part Numbers and Alternates
MPN manufacturer part number Registrant or Supplier
334920-1 Lockheed Martin Corporation
RP9026G15 Tyco Electronics Corporation
WKJX306 Allied Controls, Inc.
RP9026G15 Cp Clare Corp
RP9026G15 Tyco Electronics Corporation
30-54GH Se Relays Llc Magnecraft
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  • NE: 9693
  • NS: 493
  • AR: 1
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