NSN 5320-01-267-3014


About this product

Between 1.333 inches and 1.353 inches fastener length, err-090 head style, between 0.059 inches and 0.069 inches head height, width between flats: between 0.0947 inches and 0.0967 inches .

Manufacturer part number HLT114-8-15 for national stock number 5320012673014.

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  • Product description

    Pin-rivet NSN 5320-01-267-3014.

  • MPN or Model


  • Schedule B
    7318.23.0000 (Rivets of iron or steel)
  • NMF (National Motor Freight)
    106510 - Rivets I/s Plain/galvanized Etc
  • Unit Weight (Est.)
    0.1 lb
  • Thread Class
  • Thread Direction
  • Fastener Length
    Between 1.333 inches and 1.353 inches
  • Head Style
  • Head Height
    Between 0.059 inches and 0.069 inches
  • Width Between Flats
    Between 0.0947 inches and 0.0967 inches
  • Shank Diameter
    Between 0.2485 inches and 0.2495 inches
  • Shank Style
    Pin-rivet, straight, threaded
  • Head Major Diameter
    Between 0.387 inches and 0.412 inches
  • Lubrication
    Cetyl alcohol, specification 305, hi-shear corp
  • Grip Length
    0.948 inches
  • Thready Qty Per Inch (tpi)
  • Min. Tensile Strength (psi)
    180000 pounds per square inch
  • Thread Size
    0.250 inches
  • Shear Strength
    108000 single pounds per square inch
  • Material
    Steel comp e4340 or steel comp 4140 or steel comp 8740
  • Material Specification
    Mil-s-5000 military specification 1st material response or mil-s-5626 military specification 2nd material response or mil-s-6049 military specification 3rd material response
  • Surface Treatment
    Cadmium and chromate
  • Surface Treatment Specification
    Qq-p-416, type 2, cl 2 federal specification single treatment response
  • Thread Series Designator
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A metallic or nonmetallic item, headed at one end, with a cylindrically shaped shank which may be tapered, grooved, or threaded. a locking collar or sleeve may be provided to perform the same holding action as the clinching portion of a conventional rivet. the shank may include an external wrenching facility which breaks off at a predetermined applied torque.

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NSN 5320012673014

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Manufacturer Part Numbers and Alternates
MPN manufacturer part number Registrant or Supplier
HLT114-8-15 Hi-shear Corporation
HLT114-8-15 Lisi Aerospace Canada Corp
HLT114-8-15 Sps Technologies, Llc
HLT114-8-15 Huck International, Inc.
HLT114-8-15 West Coast Aerospace Inc
HLT114-8-15 Sps Technologies, Llc
HLT114-8-15 Alcoa Global Fasteners, Inc.
HLT114-8-15 Huck Intl Inc
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Availability for this item was last checked on 01/09/24. The quantities and conditions available at the time were:
  • NE: 3503
  • NS: 177