NSN 5320-01-629-3896

Blind High Strength Fastener

About this product

0.502 inches fastener length, flush (flat) countersunk (included angle - less than 135 degrees w or w/o chamfer) head style, between 0.153 inches and 0.159 inches shank diameter, shank style: self-plugging high clinch shank.

Manufacturer part number MS20605H3W4 for national stock number 5320016293896.


  • Product description

    Blind Rivet NSN 5320-01-629-3896.

  • MPN or Model


  • Fastener Length
    0.502 inches
  • Head Style
    Flush (flat) countersunk (included angle - less than 135 degrees w or w/o chamfer)
  • Shank Diameter
    Between 0.153 inches and 0.159 inches
  • Shank Style
    Self-plugging high clinch shank
  • Head Major Diameter
    0.443 inches
  • Expansion Device
    Serrated stem-type w
  • Grip Length
    Between 0.188 inches and 0.250 inches
  • Countersink Angle
    Between 98.5 degrees and 101.5 degrees
  • Part Name Assigned By Controlling Agency
    Rivet, blind
  • Material
    Stainless steel sleeve
  • Material Specification
    Astm a-493 assn standard single material response stem
  • Surface Treatment
    Passivate stem
  • Surface Treatment Specification
    Qq-p-35 federal specification single treatment response stem
Blind Rivet

An item consisting of two or more of the following components: stem, rivet body, sleeve, expander, bolt, and collar. It is a headed fastening device with the shank designed to be expanded by means of a separate or integral stem or mandrel, or bolt and expander. It is designed to be installed or expanded from one side only. Excludes nut, blind assembly.

Mechanic Bill explains Blind High Strength Fastener

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NSN 5320016293896

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MS20605H3W4 Sps Technologies, Llc
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