NSN 5930-00-728-0562

Micro Switch

About this product

Weapon system essential.

Manufacturer part number MILS8805-8BMS27216-1 for national stock number 5930007280562.


  • Product description

    Sensitive Switch NSN 5930-00-728-0562.

  • MPN or Model


  • Schedule B
    8536.50.9050 (Switches, slide, for a voltage not exceeding 1, 000 v)
  • NMF (National Motor Freight)
    061300 - Circuit Breaker/switch NOI
  • Unit Weight (Est.)
    0.1 lb
  • Body Style
    Hole mounted
  • Overall Length
    0.789 inches
  • Center To Center Distance Between Mounting Facilities Parallel To Length
    Between 0.360 inches and 0.390 inches
  • Overall Height
    0.680 inches
  • Overall Width
    0.250 inches
  • Body Length
    Between 0.779 inches and 0.789 inches
  • Body Width
    Between 0.240 inches and 0.260 inches
  • Body Height
    0.510 inches
  • Unthreaded Mounting Hole Diameter
    Between 0.087 inches and 0.090 inches
  • Maximum Voltage Rating In Volts
    115.0 ac and 28.0 dc
  • End Application
    Strategic weapon systems; radar (highpar) an/gpn-22 (v); aircraft, stratolifter c-135; aircraft, (ac-130h, mc-130h. Ec-130e, hc-130); helicopter,
  • Inclosure Type
    Hermetically sealed
  • Mounting Method
    Unthreaded hole
  • Nonpile-up Contact Arrangement
    1 pole, double throw, one position momentary single switch unit
  • Switch Release Force
    1.0 ounces
  • Criticality Code Justification
  • Switch Actuating Force
    7.0 ounces
  • Actuator Movement
    Between 0.030 pretravel inches and 0.003 overtravel inches and 0.006 differential inches
  • Contact Load Current Rating At Maximum Rated Voltage
    4.000 amperes resistive dc and 2.000 amperes inductive dc and 1.000 amperes lamp dc and 4.000 amperes resistive ac and 2.000 amperes inductive ac and 500.000 milliamperes lamp ac
  • Test Data Document
    81349-mils8805 specification (includes engineering type bulletins, brochures, etc., that reflect specification type data in specification format; excludes commercial catalogs, industry directories, and similar trade publications, reflecting general type data on certain environmental and performance requirements and test conditions that are shown as "typical", "average", "", etc.).
  • Terminal Type And Quantity
    3 tab, solder lug
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Sensitive Switch

A switch with a quick-acting mechanism actuated by a highly delicate tactile contact. Includes membrane switch. excludes switch, flexible; switch, pressure; and switch, thermostatic.

Mechanic Bill explains Micro Switch

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NSN 5930007280562

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Manufacturer Part Numbers and Alternates
MPN manufacturer part number Registrant or Supplier
MILS8805-8BMS27216-1 Military Specifications
MS27216-1 Military Specifications
MS27216-1 Military Standards
MIL-PRF-8805/8 Military Specifications
M2480-844616 Fmv, Swedish Defence Materiel
2HM19 Honeywell International Inc.
418421-1 Raytheon Company
75D70-2 Grimes Aerospace Company
4186100-22 Raytheon Company
299-4483-103A Mpc Products Corporation
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