NSN 4820-00-168-8744

Toggle Valve

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Steel material, .

Manufacturer part number BB57S4901ALT,DPC219 for national stock number 4820001688744.


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    Globe Valve NSN 4820-00-168-8744.

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  • NMF (National Motor Freight)
    133300 - Machinery/machines NOI
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Globe Valve

A valve with one inlet and one outlet connection with outlet flow parallel to inlet flow. The flow is controlled by the action of a stem which lifts the disk perpendicularly off the center axis of its seat. The stem is at a 90 degree (1.5708 radians) angle to axis of flow. Excludes valve, stop-check; cock, shutoff, screw stem; and valve, solenoid.

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NSN 4820001688744

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Manufacturer Part Numbers and Alternates
MPN manufacturer part number Registrant or Supplier
BB57S4901ALT,DPC219 Naval Ship Systems Command
30-219 Hardie-tynes Co., Inc.
150-570PC219 Hardie-tynes Co., Inc.
150-570HPC219 Hardie-tynes Co., Inc.
150-570KPC219 Hardie-tynes Co., Inc.
150-570GPC219 Hardie-tynes Co., Inc.
150-573GPC219 Hardie-tynes Co., Inc.
150-573HPC219 Hardie-tynes Co., Inc.
150-573KPC219 Hardie-tynes Co., Inc.
150-573PC219 Hardie-tynes Co., Inc.
150-570YPC219 Hardie-tynes Co., Inc.
150-573YPC219 Hardie-tynes Co., Inc.
150-589 Hardie-tynes Co., Inc.
BB55S49079PC219 Naval Ship Systems Command
150-589PC219 Hardie-tynes Co., Inc.
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